EU Law developments in the field of successions law and matrimonial property law are ongoing. The European Union Regulation on International Successions (Reg. 650/2012), adopted by the European Council in July 2012, will apply to inheritances in all 28 EU member states (excluding Denmark, Ireland and the United Kingdom) from 17 August 2015 on. Currently, there is still a range of discussion issues impeding the execution of the Regulation in several member states. Athena keeps you up-to-date with these developments.

When the European Succession Regulation enters into force, practitioners may have to apply foreign law in their own cases. Athena's courses offer you knowledge and know-how on how to deal with these cases.

In 2011, the European Commission voiced criticism on the ways several member states levied succession tax and sent notices to these states giving them guidelines to remove the discriminatory elements of the relevant legislation by 2015. Athena follows these developments and keeps you updated.

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